my name is Chris, and it's my passion to make warm, everlasting images with you and your partner.

it's not just photos of a wedding.

my goal is to capture the energy, vulnerability,  your cat who has no clue what all the commotion is about, sweetness, nervous laughter while reading your vows, painstaking details that your sister spent hours getting just perfect, and all the feelings you didn't expect to be having. 

my goal is not to make you look like a celebrity getting married in a castle in france (although if you are that, please continue reading). 

i meet people where they're at and am happiest documenting the real, the unexpected, and the uncomplicated.

think we'd resonate? leave a note, and I'll connect with you soon!

if you don't hear from me after a day, please check your spam folder! unfortunately there's nothing I can do to stop the spam filter gods from hiding my emails.
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