I had no idea I had the possibility of making it my career as I documented my friends skateboarding on my mother's 35mm point and shoot when I was 13. my art teacher in high school led me to an intense BFA program at Lesley where I dedicated more time to the darkroom than I did to sleep. alongside fine art projects, I took it upon myself to start freelancing, and shot my first few weddings at just 20 years old. being thrust into it so young allowed me to develop an experimental, unique style of work. 

knowing the importance of the incredible moments I document is what drives me.

my free time is spent on bike rides, hiking, or cooking at home with my wonderful partner, Hannah

for booking, please get in touch with me here

need photos of something that's not a wedding? cmcintosh.photo

some kind words, collected on weddingwire

Jon + Liz, 10/'18

It’s probably a pretty common story to have some weird demands from family, a couple unique (or at least less common) situations and a hope for a photographer with enough vision to pull the whole thing off. That said, the wife and I threw a good number of curveballs at Chris. In every aspect he outperformed. He is fleible intelligent and caring. We have fantastic photos. There a images capturing truly wonderful moments. I find myself looking at these photos again and again. The are a ln amazing blend of artistic, candid, classic, experimental. They are great! I’ll never get married again, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to call of Christopher McIntosh again. 

Michelle + Mike, 9/'18

We were initially drawn to him because of the great candids he takes, but after working with him, there is a lot more than just candids that we loved about him. He was extremely professional and made sure we got exactly what we wanted for pictures. During the ceremony, he kept his distance, and used lenses to capture those moments while giving us space. He has a very keen eye for detail and will notice something as small as a leaf on the ground in the way of the wedding dress and make sure to fix that. If he is not 100% satisfied with a photo, he will retake it until it is perfect. Chris was truly wonderful to work with and we could not have had a better photographer. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer!

Meg + Sandy, 5/'18

Chris is an amazing talent, and extremely professional. He is creative, responsive, patient, and empathetic - not to mention the fact that he takes fantastic photos. His photo assistant was also wonderful and came up with fun ideas for photos. I got rave reviews from my family members saying that he fit right in and made everyone feel great about having their photo taken. We are so pleased with our photos from the day and couldn't have made a better choice of photographer!

Adrianne + Janaka '16

Chris was our first choice for a wedding photographer, and I'm so glad he was available to shoot our wedding: both because he delivered gorgeous photographs, and because he was such a pleasure to work with. He was a saint with flexibility: initially we told him this was for a gigantic 400 people potluck in the woods in Massachusetts, then we told him it was for more like 25 people in Maine, then about a month before the wedding our venue canceled on us and we had to re-plan the whole thing from scratch again with a new venue and guest plan. We were a mess, but the photographer aspect was never something we worried about; day-of he showed up early, was friendly and natural with everyone but also focused, and out of the way without awkwardly tip-toeing around. Everyone loved the photos from our wedding, and I especially appreciated how he captured so many moments that *I* missed during the day -- people laughing together who I never would have expected to befriend one another, our adorable nephews being adorable together, and all the little details that we'd put so much thought into but still seemed to rush by day-of. I love looking through our photos and do it often.

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